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An exquisite medical specimen with exposed dentition. This skull comes from a child, around 5 years old, and features a cutaway section on the left side of the maxilla and mandible, which reveals the dental development. Several of the developing permanent teeth are visible, which would have soon replaced the deciduous teeth below them. The dentition is in remarkable condition. Another rare characteristic of this specimen is that it features dolichocephaly, which is a condition where the skull has a larger-than-normal anterior-posterior diameter. This was likely caused by the premature closure of the sagittal and metopic sutures. The orbits and nasal cavity are extremely well-preserved. The calvarium is cut and secured with pins and springs, while the mandible is articulated on springs. This exceptional, medical-grade specimen is quite rare, and would make a stunning addition to any collection. This piece would be perfect for anatomical study and reference.


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Child Skull #9161, 5-Year-Old w/Exposed Dentition - Dolichocephaly

SKU: SP161
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