This gorgeous, dissected human skull has been meticulously articulated with incredible detail, and is in spectacular condition. This beautiful piece features many cut-outs and openings that reveal the intricate structures of the human skull. All dentition is present, and in amazing condition. One of the maxillary cuspids has been intentionally cut, while one of the mandibular molars has a small piece missing. All of the muscle groups and labels have been skillfully painted by hand. Upon removal of the calvarium, the blood vessels can be seen within. Next, the skull can be opened along the sagittal plane, revealing even more delicate and attractive details that are normally impossible to see on an uncut skull. This skull also features several wormian bones, also known as intrasutural bones, which are quite uncommon. The orbits and nasal cavity are perfectly preserved. This is a rare find, especially in this outstanding condition. This immaculate specimen would make a phenomenal display piece in any collection, and would serve as an invaluable reference for medical study.


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Dissected Human Skull #9129, Painted Muscles & Labeled - Wormian Bones

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