This magnificent headhunted tribal specimen comes from the tribes of the Fly River Gulf. The people of this region have a deep history as violent headhunting cannibals. When a head was taken from one of their enemies, they would shake out the brains via the foramen magnum, and eat them. Once the skull was cleaned and prepared, it was smoked over a fire to dry and hung in the men's tribal house as a trophy. 


This piece was collected in 1876 by Charles Stolten, a naval officer stationed onboard the HMS Challenger during one of her expeditions to Papua New Guinea. It was given to Charles by a chief in exchange for a steel axe and a bundle of tobacco. Charles brought the skull back to his home in England, and it was kept in his family after his death in 1927. The skull was then sold by his son to a Dutch museum curator in 1960, where it was on display for many years. Attached is a picture of the HMS Challenger, as well as a photo (taken at a later time) showing one of the trophy displays in the tribal house. This extraordinary tribal specimen would be an impressive centerpiece to any collection. It comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, full provenance, and a custom museum-quality display stand. This is a rare opportunity to own an important piece of tribal history.


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Fly River Gulf Headhunted Skull, Papua New Guinea - Authentic w/Provenance & COA

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