This gorgeous 19th-Century human skeleton is in excellent condition overall, and has been expertly articulated with brass wire and fittings. This specimen comes from a middle-aged male, and stands about 68" tall. The skull features a cut calvarium and an articulated mandible on springs. All of the dentition is present aside from a single missing incisor. A few other teeth have small chips in them. There is some metallic spray paint on the maxilla and part of the mandible (Perhaps he was a chromed raider from Mad Max that sought to enter Valhalla). The paint could possibly be removed using acetone with great care by its new owner. All bones are present aside from the coccyx. The scapulae have both separated from the back of the ribcage, and are currently held in place with string. This skeleton would make a stunning display piece, and would be perfect for anatomical study or artistic reference.


*This skeleton does not include a stand. There is a threaded rod at the top of the skull, which would allow for easy hanging.


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Human Skeleton #814, 19th-Century