This gorgeous articulated human skeleton is in superb condition overall, and has a very clean appearance throughout. It has been expertly painted and labeled on one side to show the muscle origins and insertions. This specimen comes from a young female, likely around 18 years old, and stands a little under 5 feet tall. All of the bones are present, aside from both patellae, which are missing. Although the skeleton is in exquisite condition, there is some damage to the skull. The left zygomatic bone is missing, and there is a crack through the calvarium, which was glued back together at some point in time. Most of the dentition is present, while several teeth were lost post-mortem. This beautiful specimen would make a wonderful addition to any collection, and would serve as an invaluable tool for medical reference and study.


*This skeleton does not include a stand; however, there is a threaded hook atop the skull, which would allow for easy hanging.


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Human Skeleton #911, Painted Muscles & Labeled - Adolescent