This extraordinary medical specimen has several stunning and rare features. This skull exhibits synostotic posterior plagiocephaly, which is a condition characterized by asymmetrical distortion of the skull. It is quite a severe case, and is most obvious when looking at the skull from the top-down. It is possible that this individual also suffered from down-syndrome, as it fits several key characteristics, but it is difficult to say with complete certainty. Additionally, this skull features several wormian bones, also known as intrasutural bones. The most notable one is found directly in the middle of the sagittal and coronal sutures. The orbits are perfectly-preserved, and the nasal cavity is in excellent condition. There is some damage to the nasal bone. This fascinating specimen has a striking, aged patina, and is truly an impressive piece. It has an incredibly unique appearance, given the present conditions, and would make a spectacular addition to any rare medical collection.


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Human Skull #T449 - Synostotic Posterior Plagiocephaly

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