This gorgeous human skull comes from a 5-year-old child. It has a beautiful patina, and is in great condition overall. This individual suffered from hydrocephalus, which is a buildup of fluid within the brain, causing the skull to expand abnormally. This is why the skull has a very 'bulbous' appearance. The calvarium is uncut and the mandible is unarticulated. The mandible is attached with non-destructive glue, which could easily be removed if desired. A few of the deciduous teeth are missing post-mortem. Some of the permanent teeth are visible, and haven't fully emerged. There is a crack through the mandible that was repaired at one point in time. The orbits and nasal cavity are very well-preserved. The left zygomatic arch is broken, and there is a small hole in the left temporal bone. There is a hole in the occipital bone, next to the foramen magnum. This rare and attractive specimen would make an exquisite addition to any collection.


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Human Skull #T810, 5-Year-Old - Hydrocephalus