The Marind-Anim are an Indonesian people that reside in Papua New Guinea. They dwell in a large territory, situated around the Bian River. The Marind people, also referred to as The Merauke, are known for headhunting and decorating the skulls of their victims. They adorn the skulls with shells that cover the eye sockets, nose, and mouth, as they believe that doing so will protect them from evil spirits. Although the Marind-Anim are a cannibalistic tribe, this is not the sole motivation for their headhunting tradition.


This Marind-Anim trophy skull is in excellent condition and is very beautifully decorated with seashells. It features a rattan handle that wraps around the entire skull, and a boar tusk that is attached to the nasal cavity. There is a hole in the back of the skull, which could have possibly been caused perimortem. This fascinating piece would make an incredible addition to any collection.


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Marind-Anim Trophy Skull, Papua New Guinea