The Nkisi Mbumba comes from the Vili people of the Congo. The word "Nkisi" refers to an object filled with medicines that contains an empowering spirit, such as that of an ancestor. The word "Mbumba," which literally means 'grave,' 'medicine ball,' or 'trap,' is a type of Nkisi that is meant to provide protection for a family, influence the seasons, and cure illness. These items are made using a fiber basket filled with clay, dirt, medicines, and other items, and generally contain the skull of a monkey (usually a gorilla, chimpanzee, or even a lemur). In rare cases, as with this particular piece, a human skull is used instead, which belonged to one of their ancestors.


This beautiful Nkisi Mbumba is in amazing condition. This rare piece would make an impressive addition to any collection.


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Nkisi Mbumba, Congo

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