Franz Engl, 1878

This fascinating charnel house skull is in exquisite condition. It features the name of the individual and year-of-death painted on top, along with a cross in the middle and a floral design that wraps around the entire piece. Ossuaries and charnel houses have long been used as a means to house human bones; especially once graveyards began to fill to capacity with no room to expand. A body would be put to rest in a grave and allowed to stay for several years, after which the skeletal remains would be dug up and moved to the ossuary for more efficient storage. The name of the individual, along with their year-of-death, would sometimes be painted onto the skull. The exact origin of this skull is uncertain, as there are many ossuaries/charnel houses throughout Europe that are known to have painted skulls in this manner. This phenomenal specimen is quite rare, and would serve as a stunning centerpiece to any collection.


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Painted Charnel House / Ossuary Human Skull

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