The ancient Peruvians of the Paracas culture (800-100BC), in what is now the Ica region of Peru, were known for practicing cranial modification. It is believed that this was done to denote the higher-status of an individual, or perhaps due to pseudoscientific beliefs that it would provide some form of psychic ability, and further potential brain function. In order to achieve an elongated skull, they would bind an infant's head for several months, or even years, and force the skull to grow into this desired shape.


This Peruvian elongated skull is in exceptional condition. Peruvian elongated skulls are extraordinarily rare, and are scarcely available for purchase. What makes this piece even more remarkable, is that this skull comes from a 10-year-old child (±2 years). This exquisite specimen is a holy-grail piece for any serious collector, and would truly be the crowning jewel of any collection.


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Elongated Skull - Child