The Freemasons are an esoteric, fraternal organization that can trace their origins to the fraternities of stonemasons of the 14th Century, and even further. The degrees of freemasonry mirror the three grades of medieval craft guilds: Apprentice, Fellow Craft, and Master Mason. Some of the most iconic men in history were members of this society: George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Mozart, Winston Churchill, Harry Houdini, and many others. The rituals and symbolism of Freemasonry have always been a closely guarded secret to all but members themselves. There are written guides, or Monitors, that Freemasons use as a supplement to Masonic ritual. These books present some details of Masonic initiation rituals that cannot be found elsewhere, allowing individuals to take a glimpse into the mysterious society of Freemasonry.


This Masonic Monitor, published in 1900, is in excellent condition.

The Standard Monitor (1900, Cook)

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