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This highly-detailed Tibetan necromancer mask is an incredibly beautiful spiritual item used in both Hindu and Buddhist traditions. This stunning, contemporary piece of headwear is carved with intricate imagery and symbols, and is made from a human skull. These pieces are typically made from skulls that have been collected from a "sky burial" site; an ancient Tibetan burial custom in which the bodies of dead monks are dismembered and scattered over open ground. Locally, these sites are referred to by the Tibetan word "Jhator", which translates to "giving alms to the birds". This ritual carries great religious significance, reinforcing the principle of Samsara, the cycle of repeated birth, mundane existence, and dying again. These necromancer masks are used during Tantric ceremonies to invoke the spirits of the deceased. This rare and exceptional item would make an impressive centerpiece to any collection. The black metal display stand shown is included with this piece.


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Tibetan Carved Necromancer Mask

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