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This highly-detailed and finely carved antique Tibetan human skull is used in both Hindu and Buddhist traditions, and is called a 'Yama'. The imagery and symbols found on the skull are used to remove a curse from a family, or to guide the soul of a mislead person to the right path. Carved yamas are made from skulls that have been collected at a ‘sky burial’ site; an ancient Tibetan burial custom in which the bodies of dead monks are dismembered and scattered over open ground to give ‘alms to the birds.’ This ritual carries great religious significance, reinforcing the principle of Samsara, the cycle of repeated birth, mundane existence, and dying again. This gorgeous and incredibly rare piece is a fascinating example of master craftsmanship, and is truly an impressive specimen. This skull would be a stunning centerpiece to any collection.


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Tibetan Carved Yama

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