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The word Kangling literally translates to "leg" (kang) "flute" (ling). It is the Tibetan name for a trumpet used for various chöd rituals, and is made from a human femur. The femur is typically acquired from a criminal, a person who died a violent death, or a respected teacher. The Kangling is played as a gesture of fearlessness, to summon hungry spirits and demons in order for them to satisfy their hunger and relieve their suffering.


This antique Kangling is incredibly beautiful, with minimal decoration. The type of leather used to cover the front end is unknown. There are several strands of twisted wire around the leather, which is most likely made from Tibetan silver. The bone is very smooth throughout this piece, which indicates a lot of handling and usage over the years. This piece is in excellent condition, and looks stunning. It is a fascinating example of master craftsmanship, and is quite impressive.


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Tibetan Kangling - Human Femur Flute

SKU: TK129
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