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Below you will find the auctions that are currently being held. Please check back often, as new items will become available, and be sure to subscribe to our Auction Newsletter (found below) in order to be notified about new items, status updates on current auctions, etc. 

Please Note: Your bid is a binding agreement; by placing a bid on one of our auctions, you are agreeing to purchase that item for your bid amount plus shipping, if you are the winner. Winning bidders that fail to pay will be permanently banned from this platform.

For more detailed rules and instructions, please see: Auction Rules

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Human Sacrum

Human Vertebrae (Lot of 3)

Sterling Silver Ring, Inlaid with Human Bone (Size 8.0 US)

Sterling Silver Bracelet, Inlaid with Human Bone

Human Skull, 9-Year-Old Child


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