Real Human Skulls, Skeletons, & Bones

Genuine antique human skulls. These skulls typically come from private collectors, medical professionals, and institutions. In general, it is completely legal to posses, purchase, and sell human bones in the United States, provided they are not intended for clinical treatment. There are a few select states with stringent regulations in regards to human bones; therefore we cannot sell these skulls to residents of Georgia, Tennessee, or Louisiana. For more information, please visit our FAQ, or contact us with any questions.


A Kapala is a Tibetan cup made from a real human skull. They are used as a ritual implement in both Hindu Tantra and Buddhist Tantra. These skullcups are often lined in precious metals and jewels, and can even have elaborate hand-carved depictions.


Some tribes, such as the Asmat or Dayak are known for adorning human skulls with beads, feathers, shells, and bone. In the case of the Asmat, these venerated skulls came from their ancestors. The Dayak, however, are a headhunting tribe that are known for collecting and carving the skulls of their enemies.