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These elegant display stands are brilliantly designed and meticulously crafted from the finest materials. The top portion is made from high-grade brass, and was designed and fabricated in Austria. The large wooden bases are made in Germany from quality ash wood and lacquered with a handsome, black finish. These stands are fully adjustable, and can accommodate a skull of just about any size and shape. Each stand comes with two different support brackets: one that has adjustable arms, and is intended for a skull with a mandible; the other is a more rigid design, which is intended for a skull without a mandible. These brackets can be raised and lowered along the main support rod, and secured in placed with the small set-screw located on each. The stand measures 13” tall, and 8” wide at the base.


If you have been searching for a new way to display your prized specimens, then look no further. These skull stands are the best available solution for proudly displaying a piece from your collection. They are less expensive than a custom-made option, and eliminate the risks involved with sending your prized specimen out to a custom stand maker. In addition, these stands can be used to display any piece in your collection, unlike a custom-made display that is tailored for only a specific piece.


*Skulls shown in the photos are for reference, and are not included with the stand*

Universal Skull Display Stand - Brass & Wood

SKU: SB-01
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